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Paid Social Media Campaign Management

While organic results are important, paid social media campaigns can add another layer to your strategy, reaching new audiences and supercharging results.

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Social Media Advertising Services That Generate Results

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  • No ContractsMonth-to-month services
  • Dedicated Expert Guiding your paid campaigns
  • Fully ManagedEverything is done for you
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Is Paid Social Media Marketing Right For You?

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Paid social media marketing can be used whether you’re just starting out as a new brand, or looking to perfect an existing campaign. Paying for ads will allow you to reach people you may not have been able to reach organically, but getting it right isn’t always easy. 

Whether you have a small budget or an endless one, paid social media marketing can help you finally convert your social media users and drive traffic to your website like never before.

If you’re tried of your organic social media results just not cutting it, it’s time to look into a paid social media marketing campaign.

Social Media Management You Can Trust

At TopHatSocial, our goal is to help our clients receive and maintain real ROI with their social media, and not just meet engagement metrics. Every member of our expert team wants you to get social media results that blow your socks off. To do this, we provide completely customized paid social media campaigns that actually convert. 

  • No Contracts

    Month-to-month services
  • Dedicated Expert

    Guiding your paid campaigns
  • Fully Managed

    Everything is done for you

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